So, you’ve finally turned your dream home into a reality.

And after many years, everything is still in a perfect structure, from the flooring, framing, doors and windows, stairs and railings, kitchen, living rooms to bedrooms. Then, you went to your basement and noticed it turned out to be a storage for old stuff and everything else.

While it is not uncommon that basements are mostly used as a storage area where all sorts of items are kept in until they are remembered or needed, have you ever thought of using your basement for something else? Instead of seeing laundries, flammable items, and old furniture clutter in every corner, why not transform it into something more beautiful and useful?

Sure enough, there are better places where you could keep your laundry and other stuff in an orderly manner. Why don’t you legalize your basement into a basement apartment?

What, Why, and How

As a homeowner, you may feel that reconstructing it is such a labor-intensive work. Well, it is, and what you may be feeling is completely normal.

There are several things to be considered to make it a legal basement apartment.

1. It complies with the requirements stipulated in Fire Code, Building Code, Electrical Safety Requirements

2. It follows the zoning and housing standards by-laws

3. It is registered in the municipality as an apartment

4. It follows all the regulations that come in between

The popularity that this kind of reconstruction has gained popularity within and outside Canada. Renting out the basement offers convenience and comfort to those who need a personal space, at the same time, serves as your source of passive income.

So, the fact that a basement apartment is one the rise, it might be just what you need.

But, if what challenges you is finding the right company that specializes in developing your residential space, RE Developers is the right company to keep in touch with. We restore, refinish, remodel, or whatever you want us to do with your basement.

We employ modern, innovative construction methods to transform your old, dull basement into a more useful one. We consistently work up to high standards. With R.E. Developers, your project is built by the best in the business.

You can leave the tough job to our experienced and professional team. We have been serving the neighborhood with our construction and renovation services for years. We ensure to bring both comfort and functionality to the table whether it’s about restoring beauty, building properties, and installing wirings and equipment.

We offer custom-designed plans, innovative products, and deliver durable and long-lasting results! We cover things from the methods, design, durability, to reconstructing the look of your basement. Even with creating a separate entrance in your basement for the privacy of your tenants won’t be a problem. We can finish the job in time without overrunning your budget.

But, more than the purpose of doing a complete makeover to earn money, know that safety and comfort should come first. And that is what we aim to provide to all our clients.

If you are ready to get your basement reconstructed into an apartment, feel free to contact RE Developers.